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more than 1500 Submissions were sent to the Department of Industry

the department of industry received More than 1500 submissions

That means that more than 1500 businesses, visitors, community groups and individuals spent the time to take action to protect the peace and the natural quiet of the Blue Mountains. 

We've been chatting to Blue Mtns Peacekeeper Esther Horton, who was a big part of the successful campaign to protect habitat for powerful owls from a zipline proposal in Brisbane. 'I have learnt that every objection against is important regardless of content. And each petition no matter how many signatures is counted as only one.' Good to know! 

Right now the battlefield is bureaucratic, so make a cuppa and limber up those typing fingers. 

Can I read some other submissions?

Sure you can. Some of these are very detailed and forensic, and others more personal and grassrootsy. 

Here's a couple of big ones - the ConSoc one is epic - a triumph of data and reason and know-how. 

If you are in a rush, and you probably are, go for the simpler models like the one below written by Brisbane Vet and conservationist Esther. 


The deadline is midnight August 4, so the most important thing is to just get it in!

A simple submission for inspiration 

Mr Glen Bunny

Department of Industry and CrownLands


Dear Mr Bunny

RE: LX602686 - submission objecting to proposed lease of Katoomba Airfield


I would like to submit my objection in the strongest terms to the proposed commercial operation of Katoomba airfield to allow for helicopter rides etc. I am a frequent interstate visitor to the iconic and incredible Blue Mountains.

I visit there as it is a place of incredible beauty, tranquillity and natural wonders and it is the perfect place to escape the everyday and to fully relax. There are very few places like it in Australia. Many millions of tourists from all over the world do exactly the same as me. I am horrified at the thought that this peaceful and beautiful place could become the subject of helicopter and joy flights for a wealthy few tourists, at the detriment of everyone else who currently loves this place just as it is.

This world heritage area is home to many unique and vulnerable species and they are a tourist attraction in their own right. The disturbance of airspace could lead to their downfall. 

Please return the airfield to National parks to be used for emergencies only. 

Please leave the Blue Mountains in peace and without the aerial intrusions of joy flight aircraft. This beautiful place deserves to be fully protected for generations to come. It is best explored on foot to appreciate its unique wilderness, scenic outlooks, Flora and fauna and tranquillity. Please do not jeopardise its future!

Dr Esther Horton BVSc (Hons)


Address your submission to

Mr Glen Bunny

Department of Industry and CrownLands

Dear Mr Bunny

RE: LX602686 - submission objecting to proposed lease of Katoomba Airfield

What your submission should say

In your own words expand on this basic structure.


  1. Say who you are and why the Blue Mountains matter to you

  2. Say you don't want this public land in the middle of a World Heritage Area and National Park being used for commercial purposes  - give reasons

  3. Explain that you want this Crown Land transferred to NSW National Parks so it is respected and preserved, and maintained as an emergency airfield

Email your submission to

and CC in your local MP

Please make sure the subject line reads: 

RE: LX602686 - submission objecting to proposed lease of Katoomba Airfield

'People say think globally, act locally. Well, if you think globally, it is overwhelming and you do not have enough energy left to act locally. Just act locally and see what a difference you can make!'
Dr Jane Goodall

Deadline Midnight Sunday August 4


Good writing, you heroes. 

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